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The challenge: to recreate an interior space by adding or removing furniture, modifying paint colors, or adjusting other elements using Photoshop tools.
To align objects into the right perspective, the vanishing point filter was used to create mesh planes.
To change the colors of the chairs I used vector masks to create clean lines and edges and applied a solid color mask and used a blending mode.



My goal was to create a kitchen ambiance that would be appealing to a younger crowd to encourage more home-cooked meals; an ambiance where people would want to be in, not just to cook, but also to hang out and snack together.
The challenge: to adapt patterns and images to various angles and perspectives. 
Another challenge was to keep the design space, which is small to begin with, as open as possible and not to add to it in such a way that would make the space appear smaller.

The following are the techniques I used:

Back splash: I defined the individual pattern as a pattern in a different document and inserted it into a square shape in this rendering.  After I was pleased with the placement I added noise for textured and changed the orientation of the lines by using various filters.

Cabinets: I traced the shape of each one and added a pre-selected color and changed the blending mode to linear dodge. I also added noise for texture.
Counter Top: I traced the horizontal facing top and the vertical facing top and filled it with a pattern, just like with the back splash. To add depth, I added an orange to magenta gradient with a lower opacity.

Kitchen objects: I removed each item from its respective background, then positioned it in the right perspective using the distort and perspective settings in the 'Edit' menu.

Earth-ToneD Living Room
Inspiration Board 
La FÊte Patisserie
Peggy Porschen Cakes, London UK
Jo Malone
Jo Malone: Please follow the link to the original image in the San Francisco Chronicle and The Glass Magazine.

Peggy Porschen: I was inspired by the energizing pastels and flowery textures of the iconic bakery and added this understated elegance as a balancing factor to Jo Malone's black and white design.
(Image Source: Samantha O'Brachta; Article:"12 of the Most Colorful Places in London" Popsugar)

Color Scheme: Given that it would be a combination of both stores, the color scheme is black, white, pastel pink, and gold.

Furniture: It was challenging to find a beautiful showcase to place, so I had to improvise and use the front side of an armoire and paste in the shelving of bakery items that fit with my design.

Desserts: I selected items that were in the right perspective and cut the image out of its background, saved each image as a PNG to preserve quality, and placed the images within this design.

Floral Layout: There’s a metal rack that’s covered by the flowers, but that’s guiding the line of the flowers and ‘holding’ the flowers together. The flowers are copies from one bouquet that were sized differently and flipped in different ways to create variety.

All elements were individually separated from their respective background and customized to fit the individual scale and perspective of the layout using layer masks, perspective and distort transformation tools, as well as drop shadows.
Penthouse Dining Room
The challenge in this design was to create a warm, inviting, and visually-appealing rendering within limited physical dimensions and in stylistically austere environment (given the photo).
Design elements: Throughout centuries, the pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality and warmth. I added a black and white wall hanging with three pineapples, as well as a pineapple glass figurine on the top of the table.
Color scheme: I used bold and warm colors to create a strong, yet warm presence.

Scale & Perspective: To place items in the right scale and perspective, I use the guides, lines, and vanishing point that I had established before starting the design.

I used the ‘free transform’ tool, as well as the ‘Perspective,’ and ‘Distort,’ tools.

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