Career Profile: Horticulturist

Taking care of plants and trees is the primary responsibility of a horticulturist. Most horticulturists start by gaining a general knowledge and understanding of all types of plants and trees. […]

Child Psychologist

Child psychologists may choose to do a number of different things, all of which center around working with children by studying their mental and social development. If he or she […]

Psychiatric Aide

The job of the psychiatric aide is to work with mentally impaired and emotionally disturbed individuals under the direction of a nursing and medical staff. The position requires much compassion, […]

Mental Health Researcher

Mental Health Researchers, also known as experimental or research psychologists, use a scientific approach to conduct experiments and hypothesize about human behavior. Their approach is incredibly thorough as they record […]

Marriage and Family Counselor

The job of the marriage and family counselor is to help families deal with personal crises and cope with stress within relationships. Their job is to evaluate the relationship/s from […]

Clinical Psychologist

It is the responsibility of the clinical psychologist to diagnose and evaluate mental and emotional disorders in individuals. Once a diagnosis is made, he or she prescribes a course of […]

Career Profile: Tutoring

After earning an online bachelor’s degree in education, you’ll have plenty of options open to you. Some graduates might find they work exceptionally well in one on one situations. Being […]

Career Profile: Education Director

Figuring out where you’re going to get your degree can be daunting. Almost as daunting as deciding what you’re going to do with that degree. If you’re looking to earn […]

Career Profile: Instructional Designer

When you’re selecting an online bachelors degree in education, you might not be aware of just how many career options you have. One overlooked career path for education majors is […]

Career Profile: High School Teacher

If you’re considering getting an online bachelors degree in education, you’re also looking forward to what you’ll use it for once you graduate. One great option is working as a […]

Career Profile: Writer

When you receive an online bachelors degree in education, you may have a vision of you career that includes schools, bureaucracy, government, or non-profit work. But some education majors are […]

Career Profile: Community Service Manager

What is a Community Service Manager? A community service manager, sometimes often called a social service director or manager, is responsible for overseeing the social services department at an agency. […]

Career Profile: Guidance Counselor

What is a Guidance Counselor? A guidance counselor usually works at a school and is an integral part of the administration. You would take care of your students. Essentially, you […]

Career Profile: Human Resource Specialist

What is a Human Resource Specialist? A human resource specialist is the one-stop for all employees within a company. Almost every type of company employs HR professionals to handle hiring, […]

Career Profile: Marketing Research Analyst

What is a Marketing Research Analyst? Market research analysts frequently work in consumer psychology. This is because you would need to understand why consumers make the choices they make, and […]

Career Profile: Public Relations Specialist

What is a Public Relations Specialist? As a public relations specialist, often shortened just to PR specialist, you might work for a person, company, brand, or particular product. You would […]

Career Profile: Computer Support Specialist

What is a Computer Support Specialist? Computer support specialists can also be called IT specialists, but you’re probably most familiar with just saying tech support – that’s what this job […]

Career Profile: Network Systems Administrator

What is a Network Systems Administrator? As a network systems administrator, you would be tasked with managing and maintaining the entire network throughout an organization. That includes support for the […]

Career Profile: Programmer Analyst

What is a Programmer Analyst? Programmer analysts, or computer programmers, are tasked with creating, modifying, and testing the code, forms, and scripts that allow computer applications to run. You would […]

Career Profile: Software Applications Developer

What is a Software Applications Developer? Software applications developers are sometimes just called software developers. Software applications developers create programs tailored to complete a specific task on a computer, tablet, […]

Career Profile: Web Developer

What is a Web Developer? Web developers are also often called web designers, or webmasters. Web Master is a very fitting title because you would be entirely responsible for designing, […]

Career Profile: Account Manager

What is an Account Manager? An account manager is someone that works in account management for customers at a particular company or someone that works in sales. Account managers are […]

Career Profile: Financial Controller

What is a Financial Controller? A financial controller is the person that oversees, manages, or maintains all of the accounting operations of a particular company. Other departments that fall under […]

Career Profile: Government Accountant

What is a Government Accountant? Government accountants work specifically in the areas of financial documentation for the government and the taxpayers that government serves. Different government agencies depend on this […]

Career Profile: Pricing Analyst

What is a Pricing Analyst? A pricing analyst is someone who specializes in pricing, from various angles. They understand the way that pricing works are aware of market trends, and […]

Career Profile: Public Accountant

What is a Public Accountant? A public accountant is better known as a CPA because anyone that wants to work as a public accountant is required to go through the […]

Career Profile: Community Nutritionist

In US healthcare there is a tendency to focus on health from an individual patient perspective, focusing on the problems they bring to a hospital or doctors office, and responding […]

Career Profile: Dietetic Technician

The United States lags behind other developed countries in its public health, and much of that stems from the woeful nutrition education and dietary habits of the average American. As […]

Career Profile: Home Healthcare Aide

As the US population demographics age, there is an increasing demand from senior citizens to hire Home Healthcare Aides. While Home Healthcare Aides do not exclusively work with seniors, that […]

Career Profile: Nutrition Consultant

For anyone who is considering entering the workforce in the fields of healthcare, health education, or personal coaching, serious thought should be given to the job of Nutrition Consultant. Nutrition […]

Career Profile: Registered Dietitian

The rising importance of Nutrition in the US public discourse has stemmed from the terrible eating habits and incomplete education that US children receive. Additionally, the US healthcare system is […]

Career Profile: Accountant

In an era that’s known for its fiscal irresponsibility, the accountants are kings. Accounting is a steady, lucrative profession that is demanded regardless of the larger economy it operates in. […]

Career Profile: Medical and Health Services Manager

Unfortunately, healthcare in America is a for-profit industry. Businesses need managers to make sure they’re operating efficiently and with financial solvency in mind at all times. Medical and health services […]

Career Profile: Financial Manager

What is finance? It’s the management of money. Financial Managers take care of an organization’s financial health. Common responsibilities include producing financial reports, directing investment and creating plans and tactics […]

Career Profile: HVAC Technician

What is an HVAC Technician? HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and most people only think of air conditioning when the term comes up. However, HVAC technicians are […]

Career Profile: Aircraft Mechanic

What is an Aircraft Mechanic? Pilots are often the face of a flight but there are several people behind the scenes that keep things running safely and smoothly. Aircraft mechanics […]

What is a Career in Game Programming Like?

For students interested in gaming, there is perhaps no other career choice more compelling than game programming and design. After all, this is your niche, and gaming is your life. […]